Growing Market Demand

“The fish is great, the price is right, and the quality is superb.”
— Doug Wetzel, Executive Pastry Chef and Kitchen Czar at Gertrude’s

Getting fish from the Bay to tables around the country requires the expertise of multiple parties. But it also requires the interest of the consumer. The Wide Net Project has been a key force in driving demand for Chesapeake Bay blue catfish and the subsequent positive impact that has on the region’s economy.

To make this happen, WNP engages with media and is building a broad network of those involved in the culinary sector, food access, sustainability, and conservation — all with the goal of growing market demand for blue catfish. In the couple of years since WNP launched, this Chesapeake Bay commercial fishery has more than doubled. That means a growing need for the services of the fishers who catch the fish, the company that processes it, and the wholesale distributors that fulfill orders, manage logistics, and ensure a timely delivery of high-quality product.

As the fishery grows, it also will mean that blue crab, rockfish, and other fish and plants in the Bay can recover from the devastation of the blue catfish population. Healthy, robust populations of those species further support economic development in the region.

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