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With minimal overhead and significant pro bono support, the Wide Net Project is a strong steward of donations. Your donations directly further our conservation education and scientific work, as well as our commitment to better engaging the public about hunger and restoring the Chesapeake Bay. 

We are a Maryland non-profit corporation, and currently our federal 501c3 application is in process; accordingly, any donations will be retroactively tax deductible upon approval. For larger gifts, we also partner with a longer-established 501c3 organization as a fiscal sponsor. Please donate directly here via Paypal or be in touch with any questions about donations of any size.

The impact of your gift

  • $25 buys enough fish to be used for blue catfish tastings with chefs.

  • $50 supplies WNP with kitchen essentials for conducting cooking demos at grocers and farmers markets.

  • $100 pays for staff time to research new possible purchasing partners.

  • $250 enables WNP to vet new community-based hunger-relief partners.

  • $500 will fund a shortened version of WNP's new video, enabling it to play on screens at participating cafeterias.

  • $1,000 will buy WNP the next batch of labels to be placed on blue catfish packages sold at grocers, raising awareness about our mission.

  • $5,000 means WNP can develop new curricular materials about the Chesapeake Bay region and how people, food, and planet are all linked.