The Wide Net Project was founded on the belief that by connecting two critical issues — hunger relief and environment — we can make greater impact on both.

  • We provide nutritious food for those who need it most, and
  • help restore the Chesapeake Bay.

Our approach

Step 1. We increase the demand for and then sell literally tons of Chesapeake Bay wild, blue catfish to universities, hospitals, grocers, restaurants, and others. By catching so much of this delicious fish from the Bay, where it is overabundant, we reduce the blue catfish population. Fewer blue catfish means the Chesapeake’s native animals and plants can recover from the destruction caused by the non-native fish. Plus, conservation education is interwoven into this process.

Step 2. In the communities where orders are placed, we provide additional wild blue catfish below our cost to hunger relief organizations that normally can’t afford healthy, local, proteins. The customers from Step 1 help us identify those in Step 2.

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