WNP Featured by Top Food News Press

(originally posted on the previous website on July 22, 2015)

Wide Net Project is so appreciative of our recent press via Civil Eats and Food Tank.  Thanks to both for spreading the WNP message!

Civil Eats is one of our favorite news sources about the American food and agriculture system.  In publishing their stories on sustainable practices, they seek to create economically and socially just communities.  This aligns closely with the WNP mission of effecting positive change in communities throughout the mid-Atlantic through hunger-relief efforts and environmental best practices.  As such, we were truly honored to be featured by Civil Eats writer, Lloyd Ellman.  In his article, he provided a history on the invasive blue catfish and described how WNP seeks to combat the problem.  “The young nonprofit works to build a market for blue catfish while providing free fish to hunger-relief organizations in the process,” he wrote. Ellman perfectly characterized Wide Net Project’s commitment to community and environmentalism.  Thanks again, Civil Eats!

Food Tank is another food system news outlet of note; they arrived on the scene with a splash only a couple of years ago.  Food Tank seeks to create a global community for safe, healthy, and nourished eaters. Their articles highlight environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable initiatives in hunger relief, obesity prevention, and poverty alleviation, with the ultimate goal of changing our food system for the better.

We were also honored to be featured on this cutting-edge news site, and our own Sharon Feuer Gruber wrote the article.  She described how the WNP gives consumers the opportunity to become advocates simply by purchasing wild blue catfish through WNP’s distributor, since WNP donates “proceeds on sales via our partner distributor, in the form of fish, to community-based hunger-relief agencies.”  With every purchase, consumers are helping to combat the overpopulation of blue catfish in the Chesapeake Bay, supporting hunger-relief organizations, and also enjoying a delicious fish at their next meal. Thanks to Danielle Nierenberg and co. for inviting Sharon to spread this message on Food Tank’s media channels.