The Impact of Investment

(originally posted on the previous website on December 22, 2014)

Brrrrrr. It’s getting cold out! As we stay indoors and out of nature a bit more during these winter months, we think it’s still critical to appreciate the value the Chesapeake Bay brings the millions of people who live in the watershed region.

Here are a couple of impressive numbers:

  • The Chesapeake region currently provides natural benefits of at least $107.2 billion annually to the states in the watershed.
  • If its environmental plan, the “blue print” is fully implemented, benefits will grow to  nearly $130 billion annually, an increase of more than $22 billion per year.

This will benefit us all in terms of water and air purification, flood protection, and food protection, plus having beautiful places to enjoy life. Please click here to read more about the economic impact of the Chesapeake Bay.