Jaw-dropping Delicious

(From the archives: originally posted on WNP's previous website July 8, 2014)

The Wide Net Project is all about relationships. We partner with food processors and distributors, and we rely on our customers to buy our wild blue catfish to achieve our missions of environmental conservation and supporting hunger relief. We are so pleased to be highlighting one of those relationships, that with Chef Emily Hagel, the Director of Kitchen Operations at Miriam’s Kitchen.

WNP recently had the opportunity to donate fish to Miriam’s Kitchen, a D.C.-based non-profit whose mission is to end chronic homelessness. Part of their core ethos is to treat their clients with dignity, and accordingly, they prioritize using high-quality ingredients for the meals they serve. Chef Emily used our fish from the Chesapeake Bay to create this jaw-dropping, delicious dinner:

Open-faced, oven-fried wild blue catfish sandwiches with remoulade
(made from homemade dill pickles and herbs from Miriam’s Kitchen’s herb garden)
Slaw made from carrots and green and purple cabbage
Sweet corn bread
Smokey braised collards and kale

Says Emily, “I’ve seen food change lives. It is a basic human need, right alongside water and shelter. And when food is prepared with care, it is transformative; a good meal makes a prince of a pauper. You touch someone’s food, you touch their life.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.